Your Personal Sacred Stone

Do Crystals Pick Us?

Have you ever had a crystal “call to you”.  It has happened to me many times.  I see it over and over in my Facebook newsfeed, it shows up in an email newsletter, I find a specimen that I didn’t know I had, and then I finally get the clue: I need to work with that stone!

Most recently it has been chrysocolla.  It was everywhere I turned, and I was mesmerized by the swirling blues and greens.  I had a few small pieces to work with, but it just didn’t seem like enough.  I felt a deep pull to have it in my energy field all of the time.


When we experience this with a particular stone or crystal, we can ask ourselves- ” What aspect of this crystal will help me?”


I have always known chrysocolla to be a throat chakra stone, primarily.  So the notion that my throat chakra needed attention just did not hold true for me.  I knew it was balanced and healthy.  So what was it that made me so obsessed with chrysocolla?

A friend of mine had an experience like this recently, too.  She texted me about feeling frazzled, impatient, aggravated, and described the feeling that “her life was falling apart”.  It just so happened that she had just special ordered a Desert Jasper sphere from me, and I had a suspicion that she needed it more than she knew.


The day that it arrived, I texted her a description of its properties (grounding, soothing, calming, etc.) since I knew that she did not have any experience with it yet.  Her response?  “HOLY COW! It’s like it was meant for me!”  The most fascinating thing is that she picked it on impulse, as if it really was meant for her.

Days later, she reported back to me that she felt like the sphere was “filling holes in her aura”, that her mood had turned around, and she was more connected to that sphere than any other crystal.

A Personal Sacred Stone?

Then there is the thought that each of us has a personal stone that is sacred to us.  A stone that is an all-purpose healer.  No matter what the books say it does, that personal sacred stone is our constant companion, our healing partner for life.  And so it is for me with my precious chrysocolla.


Whether we pick our crystals and stones intuitively, or they “pick us”, knowing when to listen to our own inner wisdom (rather than what the books say) can lead to profound healing.