Energetic Shielding For Empaths

What is an empath?

Empaths feel the emotions of others, often without knowing they are even doing it. They are constantly bombarded by varying emotions from others, from happiness and joy, to sadness and frustration.  Empaths  feel these feelings as if they were their own.  Influences from others in the work place, at home, or in public can affect their mood and outlook.  Empaths often feel the emotions of others so deeply that they can experience anxiety, depression, or epic mood swings.


Oh yes, that ugly monster that everyone wants to block and avoid.  And rightfully so!  Negativity from others can be an impairment for those who are striving in their daily lives to be positive, happy, and joyful.  Negativity from others (whether it is directed at us or not) can make us feel…well…crappy.  It’s no fun if you experience this on a day to day basis in the workplace, at school, or even at home.  I don’t tolerate it, plain and simple.  When someone around me is acting out from a place of negativity, I walk away, wish them a blessing, and ignore it.  I have enough of my own  that I don’t need to feel their schtuff too.  That’s not always easy, right?  Good thing I have some crystal helpers for support.

Black Tourmaline and Shungite

I have always used black tourmaline to help “shield” the nasty energy that I sometimes feel from others.  It has made a huge difference in the way that I feel on a day to day basis, because black tourmaline works to change how we process heavy or negative vibrations that come into our energy field.  It helps us to process that energy in a way that doesn’t make us feel so…bad.  Black tourmaline acts like a filter protecting us from energetic “pollution” all around us.

This notion of a filter inspired me to add a little extra ka-pow to my daily black tourmaline.

Shungite is a known water purifier, and as the saying goes “as it is above so it is below”. This means whatever a known physical property of something is, chances are it will have a similar property in metaphysical applications.  Since shungite is a known purifier, I had a hunch it would purify my energetic environment just as well.

A Powerful Duo

A combo of black tourmaline and shungite is like an impenetrable wall of energetic protection.  Those “nasties” will bounce right off.  Here’s how you can start working with them now:

  1. Carry  tumbled stones in your pocket


2. Wear them as jewelry


3. Create a crystal grid for your home if that is where it is needed


If you have tried these out, I would love to hear from you.  Do you have other tried and true methods for energetic protection?  Join the convo…what works for you?


7 Days to Balanced Chakras Part One

The question that I get asked the most is:  “How do I balance my  own chakras, and why should I?”

Your chakras are centers of energy located on your body that govern your glandular systems, your emotions, your physical health, and your entire being. They are hubs of light and information, and they “talk” to your body and mind.  The chakras are in charge of everything that happens with your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies, even if you are not aware of them at all. In most vibrational healing modalities, the healer focuses on the chakras to ensure an overall state of health and well-being for the client.


You can balance and maintain your own chakras and discover and a state of health and happiness that you have always dreamed of.  It does take commitment.  Eat well.  Drink water.  Follow your doctor’s advice. Meditate.  Work with crystals to balance your chakras.  See what happens!

Here is a little video I made for beginners who are just learning about their chakras:

In my next post, I am going to tell you exactly how I keep my chakras balanced, aligned and working for my optimum health and happiness.  Hint: people ALWAYS ask me what my secret is!