7 Days To Balanced Chakras- Day 5 The Heart Chakra

heart-chakraThe heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, and governs our emotions, just as one might think.  Have you ever felt a literal heartache?  Have you ever felt a squeezing sensation in your chest when you are nervous, worried, or excited?  That is because the heart center is a powerful hub for emotions, much more so than the brain.

When the heart chakra is blocked or under-active, we can experience this in many ways.  We might have difficulty expressing love to others, or we may even feel unworthy of love in general.  We may also have a hard time with forgiveness, for when the heart chakra is truly open and balanced, forgiveness flows effortlessly.  A blocked or closed heart chakra can also lead to feelings of jealousy, hatred, anger resentment, and unworthiness.

Because the heart chakra is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras, balance is the key to strive for.  The heart is the seat of the soul, and must flow openly and easily with the other chakras for a complete state of balance.

Crystals for the heart chakra:

Rose Quartz for gentle heart chakra healing and comfort


Green Adventurine will gently expand the heart chakra


Rhodonite is helpful when there has been a traumatic experience that needs to be healed


Malachite brings rapid healing by forcing emotions to the forefront.


Most of these can be carried in your pocket throughout the day, but malachite is usually recommended in small doses (15 to 20 minutes at a time).

A wonderful heart chakra healing meditation can be done in a crystal bath.  This is an ideal way to begin caring for yourself and your heart chakra.  Rose quartz and green aventurine are both water safe, and can be added to your bath along with some rose or jasmine essential oil.  Add a guided meditation for supreme relaxation and self-care.

Heart chakra affirmation that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day:



7 Days to Balanced Chakras- Part 3 Sacral Chakra

sacral-chakra  In online in forums, Facebook groups, and email questions, the theme is the same… “I need more passion in my life!”  I am seeing this over and over, and I am behind the scenes jumping up and down, screaming “it’s your sacral chakra!!”

The sacral chakra rules the reproductive system, the lower digestive system, and our creativity and passion for life.  For as much as sex rules our society, somehow our sacral chakras are easily knocked off balance and become blocked and stagnant.  The result? Lower sex drive, impeded creativity, and a good ole case of the “blahs”.

Is there an area of your life that you can’t seem to make progress with?  A job that is going nowhere?  A relationship that is not growing?  A business venture that just won’t get off the ground?  The answer could lie within your sacral chakra, the seat of your creative drive.

In order to get the sacral chakra open and healthy (and get that passion flowing), some amazing crystal helpers are orange calcite, carnelian, and unakite.





Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

Place one or all three of these stones just below or on your belly button and focus on bright, orange light bursting forth from your belly.  See and feel your creativity and passion coming to life.  If you are not a pro at meditation and visualization, a guided meditation could be in  order.  I like this one from Phillip Permutt.

For women, I like to throw in a little moonstone



And for men, Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam

All of these stones are great for carrying in your pocket, too.  Keep working on your sacral chakra, but don’t ignore the root chakra like we discussed here.

Next post: The Solar Plexus Chakra

7 Days to Balanced Chakras Part One

The question that I get asked the most is:  “How do I balance my  own chakras, and why should I?”

Your chakras are centers of energy located on your body that govern your glandular systems, your emotions, your physical health, and your entire being. They are hubs of light and information, and they “talk” to your body and mind.  The chakras are in charge of everything that happens with your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies, even if you are not aware of them at all. In most vibrational healing modalities, the healer focuses on the chakras to ensure an overall state of health and well-being for the client.


You can balance and maintain your own chakras and discover and a state of health and happiness that you have always dreamed of.  It does take commitment.  Eat well.  Drink water.  Follow your doctor’s advice. Meditate.  Work with crystals to balance your chakras.  See what happens!

Here is a little video I made for beginners who are just learning about their chakras:

In my next post, I am going to tell you exactly how I keep my chakras balanced, aligned and working for my optimum health and happiness.  Hint: people ALWAYS ask me what my secret is!