October Giveaway

It’s no secret

I love holding giveaways! The feeling of giving away a beautiful crystal prize to someone fills me with such joy and happiness.

When I first began posting information and helpful crystal hints on my Facebook Page, I had no idea how much folks would respond to that. What I came to realize after you all started getting really involved was that we were building a community.  And THAT is worth more to me than you know!

To make my giveaways truly fair and impartial, I utilize a service called Rafflecopter to choose the winners at random for me.  Soooo, without further ado,

The winner of this amazing and HUGE 100 mm selenite sphere and velvet display pillow is….


Nicole S.

I have emailed the winner about the results. Congrats, Nicole!

I can’t thank you all enough for getting involved and supporting each other with helpful comments, questions, and sharing of information.  I truly hope we all continue to interact this way, because connecting with each of you is the best reason I can think of to continue to do what I do.

Did you enjoy this giveaway? Want more? Please be sure to add us to your interest list on Facebook  so you don’t miss a thing!

All my love and many blessings,



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