7 Days to Balanced Chakras Part 7 The Third Eye and Crown

celestitegorgeouscluster In the practiced of balancing all of our chakras, I chose to group the third eye and crown chakras together because so many of the crystals we can choose to work with will work well for both chakras.

Before we even begin to open and expand the upper chakras, it is imperative that we are properly grounded, as discussed here.  We must have a solid foundation from which to build our energetic house to avoid feeling spacey, loopy, or “out of sorts”.

The third eye or brow chakra is located in the center of the forehead and is responsible for our intuition, insight, and imagination.  The crown chakra is located a few inches above the head and governs our sense of a Higher Power, guidance from Divine realms, and our cognitive functions.

Working with the upper chakras will take you from a state of just existing to a state of living within your own Divinity, knowing that you are part of something much bigger than yourself, and relying on guidance from your Higher Self and Heavenly Realms.  Dreams and visions become clearer and more meaningful, inner guidance becomes sharper and more reliable, and creative ideas and inspiration flow effortlessly.

Crystals for the Crown and Third Eye Chakras


Clear Quartz (the Master Healer- works with all chakras)




















Here is a recent grid

that I created to increase Angelic communication in my life.  The messages that came through were amazing.  I will save the details of that experience for another post, but here is a look to give you some inspiration:



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