7 Days To Balanced Chakras Day 6 The Throat Chakra

vectorstock_308588The throat chakra is located near the hollow of your throat, and governs all of your communication and understanding.  With a balanced, open, and healthy throat chakra, you are able to speak clearly and listen to others well.  You will be able to communicate openly and honestly, as well as communicate effectively in writing.

A closed or unbalanced throat chakra can lead to difficulty speaking up, especially in front of groups of people.  This can also lead to difficulty communicating on social media.  When your throat chakra needs attention, you may feel as through no one listens to you, or that you have nothing valuable to say.

The throat chakra vibrates to the color blue, so blue colored stones are ideal for balancing and opening this chakra.

Blue Aragonite



Blue Apetite


Blue Lace Agate (also very calming)


Blue Fluorite







A wonderful way to have a throat chakra stone in the vicinity of the chakra is to wear a crystal or gemstone pendant.  This way, as you speak throughout the day, the healing vibrations of the stone are resonating within your throat chakra constantly.



Repeat this affirmation to yourself throughout the day to strengthen and open your throat chakra:





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