Reaching Out

My name is Jill, and I am a Crystal Healer.  It used to be hard for me to say those words.  To my family.  To my friends.  To my co-workers at my “other job”.  Funny huh?  You see, I have spent years immersing myself in studies of the metaphysical, alternative healing, and The Law of Attraction.  I did it all in extreme secrecy- even going so far as to adopt a fake name on social media to protect my anonymity.


These pursuits were a giant leap for me because I was raised to believe that these things were taboo.  Forbidden.  That is why I couldn’t tell anyone what I was studying, what I was learning, and what I knew to be true.  I was overwhelmingly terrified of being judged and rejected by those I loved.  Until now.

It all started for me when I started feeling a deep, yearning need to do some serious soul-searching.  I had every single thing I had ever prayed for.  I had four beautiful children, a wonderful marriage, a lovely home, and a great career.  But something was decidedly missing.  I was seeking answers to the “why” and the “how” of the Universe.  I wasn’t going to settle for the status quo any longer.  I was being pulled, I was being called.  I was hungry for answers.  For MORE.

I stumbled on this video from Hibiscus Moon from

And from that moment on, I was drawn in and absolutely hooked.  The more I heard and read about crystals, the less I felt like I was learning and more like I was remembering!  Yes!! This stuff does make sense.  Yes, I can heal my life and manifest what I want.  BUUUUT, I just can’t tell anyone because they will think I am nutballz!!

I promptly enrolled in Hibiscus Moon’s Academy to become a Certified Crystal Healer.  After successful completion of that course, I became a Reiki Master Teacher, an Ordained Spiritual Minister, and later went back to HMCA to become one of the very first Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Masters ever.


I came a very long way in a very short time, and it felt amazing!  I was running my online crystal store, and seeing clients for healing sessions on the side.  But there was still a very large elephant in the healing room.  I had to be authentic.  I had to tell the truth about who I am and what I believe to everyone that matters in my life.  If not, how can I teach other people to be true themselves and manifest their dreams?  I had to shed that fake persona, bite the bullet, and come out once and for all.

And so… I did.  And guess what? I was supported. I am still loved.  I am accepted.  Yeah some people still think I’m nutballz, and that’s cool.  I am okie dokie with that because the people who mattered most are still in my corner.  And it has taught me the valuable lesson of reaching out to others with my true authentic self, and offering them the knowledge and wisdom I have.  I am seeing lives changed for the better because of what I have shared.  It’s amazing, and humbling, and so very, very worth it.

Sending You Love and Blessings



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